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MD Riad Hossain Moon, Author at Textile Study Center
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Studied at Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) | Studied at Amanullah University College | Studied at Bhandaria Vihari Pilot High School


INTRODUCTION TO TAPPET SHEDDING 1.What is shedding? Ans: It is the first primary motion. Shedding is the process of dividing the warp yarns into two layers. Note: To separate the warp thread into two layers – One layer is raised and the other layer is lowered. 2.What is shed? Ans: The passage tunnel or space […]

Introduction to Textiles

Introduction to Textiles What is Textile? The word ”textile” originally applied only to woven fabrics, now generally applied to fibers, yarns, or fabrics or products made offers, yarns or fabrics. The term textile originates from the latin verb texere to weave but, as the Textile Institute’s Terms and Definitions Glossary explains, it is now ”a […]