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Polysaccharide Thickeners

Polysaccharide Thickeners  Introduction: Thickener is a colorless thick mass which imparts stickiness and plasticity to the print paste so that it may be applied on the fabric surface without bleeding or spreading and be capable of maintaining the design out lines.  Polysaccharides:  Nature has provided large quantities of many polymers that are soluble or dispersible […]

What is Color | Color Theory

Introduction to Sulfur Dyes Part 1

Introduction to Sulfur Dyes Sulfur dyes are complex heterocyclic molecules or mixtures formed by melting or boiling organic compounds containing amino or nitro groups with Na-polysulphide and Sulfur. Sulfur dyes are so called as they all contain Sulfur linkage within their molecules.             Sulfur dyes are highly coloured, water insoluble compounds and have to be […]

What is Color | Color Theory

Disperse Dye for Polyester | Why called disperse dye | Application and mechanism of disperse dyes | Features of of disperse dyes

Part 1 : Disperse Dye for Polyester | Why called disperse dye | Application and mechanism  Part 3 : Auxilaries Of Disperse Dye   Why called disperse dye Disperse dye are the smallest dye of all dyes. They are insoluble in water. When they are applied to the dye bath, they form dispersion. They are free from ionized group. So they have low […]

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