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Thermal Properties of Polymers | Melting Point and Glass Transition Temperature

Thermal Properties of Polymers In the amorphous region of the polymer, at lower temperature, the molecules of the polymer are in, say, frozen state, where the molecules can vibrate slightly but are not able to move significantly. This state is referred as the glassy state. In this state, the polymer is brittle, hard and rigid […]

Mechanical Properties of Polymers

Mechanical Properties of Polymers Mechanical Properties:  It is of great importance to be familiar with some basic mechanical properties of the material before its application in any field, such as how much it can be stretched, how much it can be bent, how hard or soft it is, how it behaves on the application of […]

Physical Properties of Polymers

Physical Properties of Polymers Polymer: A chemical compound or mixture of compounds formed by polymerization and consisting essentially of repeating structural units is called ‘Polymer’. Polymers range from familiar synthetic plastic such as polystyrene to natural bio-polymers such as DNA and proteins that are fundamental to biological structure and function. Physical Properties: Physical properties of polymers […]