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We will give you any of the 2 books from the below list if you fulfill our conditions. If you want to download this book , you need to write an unique article about textile related topics. The article must be  at least 500 words or above and contains valuable information.  No copy paste is allowed and […]

Dyestuff | Classification of Dyestuffs

Dyestuff: Dyestuffs are organic and inorganic substances which consists of chromophore groups, can change the physical and chemical properties of any substance , can absorb light and reflect lights to show color. They are unsaturated complex compound.   Characteristics of dyestuff : It must contain chromophore group Chromophore group can be different types like -NO2,-NH2,-CO-,-N=O. […]

Computer Networks

Computer networks are collection of computer hardware & software that are interconnected and therefore help users to work togather .It connects computers , printers , scanners & cameras. Using computer network , user can send electronic massages to each other.

History of Fashion

Fashion is the term used to describe a style of clothing or any other products worn or used by most people of a country. A fashion remains popular for a few months or years before being replaced by yet another fashion.