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Muhammad Aslam

Education ;Textile Engineer Country : Pakistan

Naturally Colored Cotton

 Naturally Colored Cotton Naturally colored cotton is cotton that has been bred to have colors other than the yellowish off-white typical of modern commercial cotton fibres. Colors grown include red, green and several shades of brown. The cotton’s natural color does not fade. Yields are typically lower and the fiber is shorter and weaker but […]

Zein Fibre

Zein Fibre | Physical and Chemical Properties of Zein Fibre | Production of Zein fibre Zein Fibre Regenerated protein fibers made from corn and maize. Zein fibers were commercially sold as Vicara from 1948 to 1957. They were made with the crushed meal of corn and maize after the oil was extracted. The meal is […]

Groundnut Fibre

Groundnut Fibres | Chemical Structure of Groundnut Fibre | Production of Groundnut Fiber One of the most likely sources of vegetable protein for fiber production was groundnuts, which grow as a staple product in many of the hot, humid regions of the world. Groundnuts (peanuts, monkey nuts) are used in large quantities as a source […]