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DC Tachometer Generator

DC Tachometer Generator The DC tachometer generator is a speed measuring device. These are used in Machine tools handling & lifting systems, Paper Manufacturing machines , Textile machines, Glass production lines, Rolling mills, railway industry etc. The word “Tachometer” is derived from the greek word “Tacho” , which means “speed”. Tachometers are of two types, […]

Systems of Yarn Count Measurement

Systems of Yarn Count Measurement What is count/yarn count ? Count or yarn count is a numerical expression which indicates the coarseness or fineness of a yarn. In other words, yarn count is a number indicating the mass per unit lengh or the length per unit mass of the yarn. There are mainly two systems […]

Directional Field Effect in Wool fiber | Significance of DFE | What is DFE

DFE (Directional Field Effect) in wool fiber What is DFE ? We all know that, textile fibers have to undergo various processes before they become a part of the fabric. While undergoing these processes, the fibers are subjected to friction. This frictional force can not only be effective between the fibres & various parts of […]