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Student of Bangladesh University of Textiles Admin at textilestudycenter.com Admin at more.textilestudycenter.com

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Dyestuff | Classification of Dyestuffs

Dyestuff: Dyestuffs are organic and inorganic substances which consists of chromophore groups, can change the physical and chemical properties of any substance , can absorb softproductkey light and reflectcheap windows 10 Product Key lights to show color. They are unsaturated complex compound.   Characteristics of dyestuff : It must contain chromophore group Chromophore group can […]

Computer Networks

Computer networks are collection of computer hardware & software that are interconnected and therefore help users to work togather .It connects computers , printers , scanners & cameras. Using computer network , user can send electronic massages to each other.

History of Fashion

Fashion is the term used to describe a style of clothing or any other products worn or used by most people of a country. A fashion remains popular for a few months or years before being replaced by yet another fashion.