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Finisher Card Machine

For getting better quality of jute yarn, Finisher card machine is necessary in jute spinning industry. It is usually down striking and full circular carding machine, having 4.5 pairs of workers and strippers. Its feed and delivery is on the same side of the machine.

Breaker Carding Machine

In the carding, the operation the long strands of jute are converted into a continuous ribbon of fibers. The ribbon is known as sliver. Different qualities of jute in the batch are also blended and much shorter fibers are removed too. The machines used in the carding process are generally two types-breaker card and finisher card

OD Automatic Batch Mixer Machine

Experiment Name: Study on the OD Automatic Batch mixer machine. Introduction: Jute fibre is consists of lignin, so it is hard and brittle. Easily breaks down due to abrasion and mechanical treatment. To make it soft and easy a mixture of some lubricating agent is used. The mixture of these elements is called emulsion. Oil […]