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Foyjun Nahar

Studied at Bangladesh University of Textiles

Application of Software in Apparel Manufacturing

Application of Software in Apparel Manufacturing Industries :  CREA: it is worldwide recognized as the most intuitive and easy to use CAD for the pattern making, size grading and made to measure. Developed on the windows interface for the pattern makers that are totally autonomous after only 3 days of training. CREA solution has developed […]

Softwares Used In Cotton Ginning, Classing, Trading

Application Of Different Software In Cotton Ginning, Classing, Trading:  Modern industries often operate with sensors by Uster, to control the process and resulting fiber quality. Cotton classing is required to measure and classify each cotton bale according to their specific physical attributes. Measurement is produced by Uster HVI (High Volume Instrument). Application Of Different Software […]

Application Of Software In Textiles | Wet Processing Engineering

 Application Of Different Software In Wet Processing Engineering: DATACOLOR MATCH TEXTILE: It offers a variety of powerful formulation and correction capabilities, guaranteeing fast and accurate matches with the lowest cost recipe for exhaust and continuous dye. It significantly improves the accuracy and speed of recipe calculation and provides superior first shot matches. Users will achieve […]

Application of Software in Textiles | Weaving Industries

 Application Of Different Software In Weaving Industries : Textronic Cad System: Textronic offers a suite of CAD solutions that takes one from concept through design, handling the preproduction requirements and integrates with the modern modern machine ensuring a smooth and efficient production of dobby, jacquard, printed fabrics or carpets reducing time, saving cost and improving […]