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Studies Yarn Engineering ( 39 ) at Bangladesh University of Textiles | Former Intern at SQUARE Textiles Limited

Different Types of Sewing Thread

  Different Types of Sewing Thread   Sewing thread According to the definition given by ASTM, sewing thread is a flexible, small diameter yarn or strand usually treated with a surface coating, lubricant or both, intended to be used to stitch one or more pieces of material or an object to a material. It may […]

Air Jet Spinning

Air Jet Spinning   Air Jet Spun Yarn  1 . The air-jet spun yarn is fascinated yarn consisting of a core of parallel fibers held together by wrapper fibers. 2 . The structure of air-jet spun yarn is essentially that of comparatively straight central core of fibers held together by taut surface fibers wound onto the […]

Spin Finishes , Sizes and Grease

  Spin Finishes , Sizes and Grease Spin finish: A spin finish is a preparation applied by the manufacturer of MMF to staple fibers . It is used in the form of a water- based emulsion and contains anti-static agents, emulsifiers and lubricants. Size: Sizes are applied by the spinner of MMF to filament yarns […]

Flammablity Test

 Flammablity Test  Flammability It is the ability to burn or ignite any substance by means of fire or any kind of combustion. Various test procedures exist to determine the flammability. In domestic sphere many serious and tragic accidents are the results of clothing catching fire.Flameproof fabrics are absolutely necessary for protective clothing in many industrial processes […]