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All Textile Abbreviations | Abbreviation Related to Textiles

Abbreviation Related to Textiles | All Textile Abbreviations ASTM – American Society for Testing Materials AAMA– American Apparels Manufacturing Association AAQC-American Apparels Quality control AAQC– American Association of Quality Control AAMC-American Apparel Manufacturing Corporation ASQC– American Society for Quality Control BGMEA– Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers & Exporters Association BCCFA– Bangladesh Custom Clearing & Forwarding Agent BCI -Bangladesh Commerce & […]

Physical Properties of Polymers

Fabric Width and Thickness Test

  Fabric Width and Thickness Test Textile Testing : Main steps for textile testing : Checking raw materials Monitoring production Assessing the final product Investigation of faulty material Product development and research Different fabric tests :  Dimensional Characteristics – A) Length, B) Width, C) Thickness Threads/Inch – EPI, PPI, CPI, WPI Count- Warp & Weft […]

Fabric Tearing Strength Test

Fabric Tensile Strength Test | Strip Strength Test | Grab strength test | Tearing strength test | Elmendorf Tear Test | Bursting strength

Fabric Tensile Strength Test Methods Tensile Strength Testing: This is referred to as a strength test where the load is applied along the direction of the test sample.  Tensile strength test of fabric is divided into two groups- Strip test  Grab test. Strip Strength Test: Five fabric samples are extended in a direction parallel to […]

Fabric Tearing Strength Test