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Maintenance of Sewing Machines


Maintenance of Sewing Machines 

Maintenance : 

Maintenance is a procedure by means of which we can maintain active functioning in operation according to the behavior and utility of particular element. Maintenance can also be defined as the process of systematic activities done for keeping the m/c or equipment at the heat level for well run or its proper services. In engineering we use this terminology for maintaining smooth and uninterrupted performance of machines, tools and metallurgical characteristics in practical use.

To secure the utmost in production and to prolong the life of machines following instruction must be carried out –

Before morning starts : Need

  1. To oil every moving parts with one or two drops of oil
  2. To check whether needle is correctly set or not damaged
  3. To check whether threading is correct

Maintenance of Plain Machine : 

  1. To check the needle
  2. Lubrication
  3. Remove dust
  4. Adjust thread tension

Maintenance of Button Attaching Machine : 

  1. Checking the tip of the needle whether it is broken or not bent
  2. Cleaning the rotary hook
  3. Lubrication

Maintenance of Button Holing Machine : 

  1. Remove lint and dust from the thread passage
  2. Remove the lint and dust from bobbin case
  3. Thread trimmer should be cleaned

Maintenance of Bar tack Machine : 

  1. Draining waste oil
  2. Adjust the height of the needle bar
  3. Adjust the lift of the work clamp foot
  4. Adjust the thread tension

Remarks :

Maintenance of the m/cs are very essential to prolong the m/c life. This is mill has strong troop to fix up the problem.

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