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Garments Dyeing | Garments Dyeing Process

Garments Dyeing | Garments Dyeing Types and Processes Garments Dyeing : The process of dyeing fully made apparel product like t-shirts , pants , trousers , shirts , jackets, tops, pullovers , dresses and bottoms is called garments dyeing. In Conventional method , Garments are made with pre-dyed fabrics and then cutting and sewing. But […]

Denim Wet Process | Bleach Wash | Acid Wash

Dyestuff | Classification of Dyestuffs

Dyestuff: Dyestuffs are organic and inorganic substances which consists of chromophore groups, can change the physical and chemical properties of any substance , can absorb light and reflect lights to show color. They are unsaturated complex compound.   Characteristics of dyestuff : It must contain chromophore group Chromophore group can be different types like -NO2,-NH2,-CO-,-N=O. […]

Eco-Friendly Textile Dyeing Process