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Drafting system of roving frame I Draft Distribution of Speed or roving Frame |The simplex/roving frame is a necessary evil

The drafting section of the roving frame may be 3 over 3 or 4 over 4 with or without apron roller arrangement. Only the 3-over-3 or 4 over 4 roller with double apron drafting system are still to be found in modern machines offered by manufacturers. In general 3/3 drafting system is used, but for higher draft applications 4/4 drafting system is used.

Types of Calenders in Textiles

Man-Made Fibers & Classification of Man-Made Fibers

In a very general way, a fiber is defined as any product capable of being woven or otherwise made into a fabric. It may be thought of as the smallest visible unit of textile production. Fibers may be agricultural products (such as cotton or wool) or units (such as nylon or polyester) manufactured in a chemical plant. Fibers than serve as the raw material in the next stage of textile manufacturing.

Types of Calenders in Textiles

Speed Frame Machine Components

Top rollers are held strictly parallel to and in perfect alignment with bottom rollers.//The bottom rollers of speed frame exercise immense influence on the quality of roving.//The flyer is a special component of the roving frame that helps to insert twist in the roving. The flyer speeds employed normally range from about 1000 to 1400 rpm. The flyers’ special shape offers less air resistance, preventing roving breakages.

Types of Calenders in Textiles