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Student of Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTex)/ Department: Apparel Engineering

Acid wash | Random wash | Acid Wash by Stones

Acid wash / Random wash At present times, the most popular denim garments are random washed among the fashionable people. When solid washed the fading, effects are even and uniform in the garments but when random washed effects are uneven.                               […]

Feed of the Arm Sewing Machine II Study on industrial feed of the arm sewing machine with thread path diagram

Experiment Name : Study on industrial feed of the arm sewing machine with thread path diagram.    Introduction : The machine which practices stitches by the loop of one group of thread links with the loop of other group of thread by the process of interloping is called the industrial feed of the arm machine. There are […]

Weak-link effect

In general, the effect of sample length on breaking strength has been shown that the mean measured the strength of a specimen decreases as the sample length is increased. This fact is well known as the “weak-link” effect.

Creep and Crimp of fiber

Crimp is a term to describe the waviness of a fiber. We can also describe this in terms of the force or energy required to uncrimp a fiber. It’s expressed in percentage. A crimped fiber placed on a flat plane is l0 and the length of the same fiber when the crimp is removed by applying a tension is l, then the crimp is given by …

Instantaneous and time-dependent effect

When a load is applied on a specimen constantly for a period of time, the specimen initially extends rapidly giving the instantaneous effect and then less rapidly which yields to time dependent effect.

Electron Microscope

There are two different types of electron microscopes, scanning electron microscopes (SEM) and transmission electron microscopes (TEM). In the TEM method, an electron beam passes through an extremely thin section of the specimen.

X-ray diffraction method

It is an independent method to determine the amount of crystalline matter present in the fiber. W. L. Bragg presented a simple explanation of the diffracted beams from a crystal. When X-ray beam is incident on a crystal, it strongly reflected wherever its layers of atoms at an angle show in fig. Such that, nλ=2dsinθ

Absorption of IR radiation method

Infra-red (IR) spectroscopy is one of the most common and widely used spectroscopic techniques. When electromagnetic waves interact with matter, they are scattered and absorbed. Infrared spectroscopy, radiation with wavelengths between 1 -15 μm is absorbed at certain characteristic frequencies, which yield structural information.

Crystalline and Amorphous Structure of Fiber

Amorphous region of the fiber is defined as the region of the fiber where there is no longer the order of chain molecules. The polymer chains are randomly placed in amorphous region. As a result, there is more air space in the amorphous fiber.

Bar tack Sewing Machine II Study on bar tack sewing machine with thread path diagram and sample production.

Industrial bar tack machine is actually a lockstitch machine group. By this machine, a very high density lockstitch is produced in very short length for increase the strength of that particular place. These machines are used for sewing both woven and knitted garments. For light thickness fabrics, needle size should be lower and heavy thickness fabric, height needle size should be used.