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Bar tack Sewing Machine II Study on bar tack sewing machine with thread path diagram and sample production.

Industrial bar tack machine is actually a lockstitch machine group. By this machine, a very high density lockstitch is produced in very short length for increase the strength of that particular place. These machines are used for sewing both woven and knitted garments. For light thickness fabrics, needle size should be lower and heavy thickness fabric, height needle size should be used.

Types of Calenders in Textiles

OD Automatic Batch Mixer Machine

Experiment Name: Study on the OD Automatic Batch mixer machine. Introduction: Jute fibre is consists of lignin, so it is hard and brittle. Easily breaks down due to abrasion and mechanical treatment. To make it soft and easy a mixture of some lubricating agent is used. The mixture of these elements is called emulsion. Oil […]

Determination Of Relative Humidity By Wet And Dry Bulb Hygrometer

Management and it’s Functions

Management involves four basic activities—planning and decision making, organizing, leading, and controlling. Although there is a basic logic for describing these activities in this sequence (as indicated by the solid arrows), most managers engage in more than one activity at a time and often move back and forth between the activities in unpredictable ways (as shown by the dotted arrows).

Detailed Indibet App Analysis: Unveiling Features, Odds, and More for 2024

Fiber length measurement

The fiber sorter is an instrument which enables the sample to be fractionalized into length groups. The Baer sorter, the Shirley comb sorter, and the Suter-Webb sorter are the most popular method of the fiber sorter. Basically, the operation involves four main steps: Preparation of a fringe or tuft with all fibers aligned at one end. The separation or withdrawal of fibers in order of decreasing length. The preparation of a sorter diagram by laying the fibers on a black velvet pad in decreasing order of length, the fibers parallel and their lower ends aligned along a horizontal base line as shown in Figure. The analysis of the sorter diagram.

Cost Saving in Cotton Spinning: Energy Efficiency and Innovative Solutions