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Light Fastness and Factors Influencing Light Fastness Behavior

Light Fastness and Factors Influencing Light Fastness Behavior Textile Dyes and Pigments used in the industry vary to a great extent in terms of their resistance to light sources and this phenomenon is called as ‘Light-fastness of Textiles’. Sunlight materials emits electromagnetic radiations of several wavelengths. Visible range of spectrum (400 – 700 nm) , […]

Types of Calenders in Textiles

Textile Printing | Feature of Textile Printing | Process flowchart of textile printing

 Textile Printing The word of “printing” has derived from a Latin word which means “pressing “. It implies a process that uses pressure. Textile printing is one kind of localized dyeing where dyes or pigments & chemical applied by any method which can produce a particular effect of color on fabric according to design. In […]

Types of Calenders in Textiles

Reactive dye || Reactive dye features || Reactive dye classification

REACTIVE DYE Reactive dye is only dye that reacts with the textile fibre & makes covalent bond with fibre.Under the suitable condition it reacts with –OH or –NH2 of the fibre & forms covalent dye substrate linkage. DYE-SO2-CH2-OSO3Na + HO-Cell ———- D-SO2-CH2-CH2-O-Cell  + NaHSO3 FEATURES of REACTIVE DYE       1. Water soluble.     […]

Types of Calenders in Textiles

Dyestuff | Classification of Dyestuffs

Dyestuff: Dyestuffs are organic and inorganic substances which consists of chromophore groups, can change the physical and chemical properties of any substance , can absorb light and reflect lights to show color. They are unsaturated complex compound.   Characteristics of dyestuff : It must contain chromophore group Chromophore group can be different types like -NO2,-NH2,-CO-,-N=O. […]

Types of Calenders in Textiles