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Directional Field Effect in Wool fiber | Significance of DFE | What is DFE

DFE (Directional Field Effect) in wool fiber What is DFE ? We all know that, textile fibers have to undergo various processes before they become a part of the fabric. While undergoing these processes, the fibers are subjected to friction. This frictional force can not only be effective between the fibres & various parts of […]

Cost Saving in Cotton Spinning: Energy Efficiency and Innovative Solutions

Reactive dye || Reactive dye features || Reactive dye classification

REACTIVE DYE Reactive dye is only dye that reacts with the textile fibre & makes covalent bond with fibre.Under the suitable condition it reacts with –OH or –NH2 of the fibre & forms covalent dye substrate linkage. DYE-SO2-CH2-OSO3Na + HO-Cell ———- D-SO2-CH2-CH2-O-Cell  + NaHSO3 FEATURES of REACTIVE DYE       1. Water soluble.     […]

Solar Hot Water Use in Textile, Paper, poultry Feed and etc. Industry