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Maintenance Schedule Of Exhaust/Jigger Dyeing Machine


Maintenance Schedule Of Exhaust/Jigger Dyeing Machine


  1. To know the different parts of the machine
  2. To understand the mechanism of the machine
  3. To learn the operation of the machine
  4. To find out the main maintenance points of the machine

Main parts:

  1. Auxiliary roller
  2. Guide roller
  3. Take up roller
  4. Let off roller
  5. Steam channel
  6. Dye bath

Utilities required:

  1. Water
  2. Steam
  3. Electricity


  1. Motor rpm: motor rpm should check to maintain the proper revolution as we need.
  2. Proper movement of roller: every free roller should move freely as required. We need to ensure the free movement of these rollers.
  3. Correct take up & let off: we have to look at the smooth take up of dyed fabric and proper let off of grey fabric with out excessive tension in dyeing.
  4. Proper concentration of liquor: without even concentration of dyeing liquor even shade would not be achieved. Proper concentration of dye bath is necessary to ensure even and proper shade.
  5. Temperature of bath: proper temperature of the dye bath should maintain constantly and should rise and lower evenly with the gradient as require.
  6. Roller movement: different roller like feed roller, let off roller etc should move smoothly as required.

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Fig: diagram of a jet dyeing machine.


  1. Used in case of semi continuous dyeing
  2. Suitable for woven dyeing
  3. Not suitable for dyeing at high temperature and high pressure

Maintenance schedule:


Sl no.


Name of the maintenance work


Time interval




Steam pressure regulator checking


Every hour




Cleaning of the machine


Every batch unloaded




Checking the water pipe






Checking the motor and electric connection






Greasing and oiling in roller bearings and gears






Cleaning the steam inlet and outlet pipe






Checking the flow of water


Every hour




Checking the efficiency of immersion roller


Every hour




Checking the inlet and outlet valves





By this experiment we know about its maintenance points & its working procedure. So this knowledge will help in our future life.

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