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Maintenance Schedule Of Gas Singeing Machine And Route Of Utilities Applied For Technical Operations


Maintenance Schedule Of Gas Singeing Machine And Route Of Utilities Applied For Technical Operations


  1. To observe the machine.
  2. To learn about the controlling points.
  3. To know about the mechanism.
  4. Overall maintenance of tank.

Function of gas singeing machine:-

Singeing is a process where by fibres protruding from the normal lay of the yarns fabrics (warp and filling or coarse and wales) are removed by burning them off. Singeing is accomplished by flame. In our lab this machine is used to singe the fabric by gas fame which is well controlled.

Main parts:-

  1. Cloth roller,
  2. Brush,
  3. Gas burner,
  4. Slot cover,
  5. Motor,
  6. Gas supplier,
  7. Suction hood,
  8. Check valve or stoppage of gas burner.

Manufacturer of the machine:- MOTHER & PLATTS LTD.

Controlling points of the machine:-

The machine should be maintained in several points of view. These points are mentioned on the next.

  1. Motor or any other moving parts:- We should keep clear conception about the sound of the motor or any other moving parts specially in various gearing.
  2. Speed of motor and roller:- For perfect singeing the speed of motor and other rollers should be well maintained.
  3. Electric failure:- Sometimes electric failure may occur. But at that time gas supply will continue. As a result fabric feed and drawing will be stopped through the gas burner is still continuing. So electric magnetic device should be introduced.
  4. Air following suction hood:- We should keep on eye on proper and sufficient blowing of air in suction hood, otherwise flame can deposit on the fabric.
  5. Fabric width control: Flame width should be controlled. If the flame width is not sufficient with respect to fabric then proper singeing will be hampered.
  6. Flame height control:- If the height of flame is too high then the fabric will be subjected to high temperature. As a result fabric availability may be hampered. So, as per requirement of singeing of flame height should be maintained by controlling the gas supply.

Machine condition:

This machine was idle due to various defects. The defects are on mechanical defects on rollers. These are rushed become fixed for it. The utility supply pipes are broken or not connected. The electrical motor connected for pressure inducing is defective. The pressure regulator of the machine is worn out. Above all the machine became a skeleton of a gas singeing machine.

Maintenance schedule:


Sl no.


Name of the maintenance work


Time interval




Pressure regulator checking


Every hour




Cleaning of the brush


Every hour




Checking the air gas mixer






Checking the motor and electric connection






Greasing and oiling in roller bearings and gears






Checking the flow of water


Every hour


Conclusion :

By this experiment we know about the m/c .Its controlling point and its functions. This knowledge will help in our practical life.

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