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Spinning machine

Speed Frame and function of speed frame

The output from the draw frame is fed into the roving frame (also called ‘speed frame or simplex machine or flyer frame‘) where the linear density of sliver is reduced by drafting and the resultant product is called the roving. After the drafting operation, the roving is wound on the bobbin. During winding, a little amount of twist is imparted to the roving.

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Carding Machine Specification – spinning machine

  Spinning Machine – Carding Machine Specification :    SPECIFICATION OF CARDING MACHINE:    working width: 1000-1020 mm    taker-in diameter: 250-350 mm, RPM: 500-1300    cylinder diameter: 1016-1290 mm, RPM: 200-800    doffer diameter: 500-700 mm, RPM: 30-100   no of flats: 100-112   no of flats in working position: 37-43    direction of flat […]

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