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Textile Testing & Quality Control-1

Determination Of Relative Humidity By Wet And Dry Bulb Hygrometer

Name of Expt.: Determination Of Relative Humidity By Wet And Dry Bulb Hygrometer. Objects :  To find out the temperature and relative humidity of lab room  Theory: Relative humidity is the ratio of actual vapour pressure to the saturated vapour pressure of the same temperature. Expressed as percentage. Relative humidity = actual vapour pressure/standard vapour […]

Thermal Properties of Polymers

Fiber length measurement

The fiber sorter is an instrument which enables the sample to be fractionalized into length groups. The Baer sorter, the Shirley comb sorter, and the Suter-Webb sorter are the most popular method of the fiber sorter. Basically, the operation involves four main steps: Preparation of a fringe or tuft with all fibers aligned at one end. The separation or withdrawal of fibers in order of decreasing length. The preparation of a sorter diagram by laying the fibers on a black velvet pad in decreasing order of length, the fibers parallel and their lower ends aligned along a horizontal base line as shown in Figure. The analysis of the sorter diagram.

Thermal Properties of Polymers