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Short staple spinning – 1

Blowroom | Basic Functions of Blowroom | Basic Operations in the Blowroom

Blowroom | Basic Functions of Blowroom | Basic Operations in the Blowroom  Introduction Blow room is the first step of yarn production in spinning mills. A section in which compressed bales are opened, cleaned and blending or mixing to form uniforms lap of specific length is called Blow room section. The cleaning efficiency of blow […]

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Twisting and Amounts of Twist for Different Materials – why is the amount of twist in a yarn important

The roving coming out of the front delivery roller is threaded through the top of the flyer, passes through its hollow leg around the presser arm on to the bobbin. The purpose of providing twist in roving is to give the strand sufficient strength to withstand the strain during unwinding in the creel of the ring frame. The insertion of twist is achieved by the rotation of the flyer.

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Speed Frame and function of speed frame

The output from the draw frame is fed into the roving frame (also called ‘speed frame or simplex machine or flyer frame‘) where the linear density of sliver is reduced by drafting and the resultant product is called the roving. After the drafting operation, the roving is wound on the bobbin. During winding, a little amount of twist is imparted to the roving.

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